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Our Services


Supporting Your Business

  • Business development in new markets

  • Support on new business

  • Exit of old business

  • Business promotion

  • Find alliances, business partners

  • Cooperation with experts (tax lawyer, lawyer and

    accounting firms)


Advising Your Financial Decisions

We plan the strategy, we act as an agent and gatekeeper and become the client’s trusted advisor.

  • Assisting a family office set up

  • Family Office Health check

  • Education/Financial Literacy of the next Generation

  • Assessment of Banks, Asset Managers

  • Second opinions/supervision of various proposals: invest-

    ment opportunities, funds, insurance, real estate

  • Advice on succession

  • Create an efficient asset management system

  • Dealing with financial institutions on the client’s behalf

  • Support in diversification through building overseas financial



Sourcing Unique Opportunities + Style of Life

We assist in life style activities and alternative investment together with you

  • Art

  • Social party, sport events

  • Health Care

  • Private school

  • Real Estate investment (gatekeeper function)

  • Philanthropy

  • Hobbies

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