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Our Services


Wealth Preservation and Advice

We plan the strategy based on your individual / family requirements;  we act as agent and as trusted advisor


  1. Family office health check – assessment of banks, asset managers

  2. Assessment of financial proposals from third parties

  3. Searching investment opportunities, funds, insurance, real estate

  4. Succession and education of the next generation

  5. Creation of an efficient asset allocation model

  6. Liaison with financial institutions

  7. Advise on diversification – home / overseas


Supporting your Business and Family

  • Assessment of current situation

  • Business promotion and advertising

  • Finding alliances, business partners

  • Cooperation with experts in the fields of tax, law and accounting

  • assets


Family Office Set Up and Operation
  • Ascertain the need and style of a family office 

  • Support in setting up the structure and introduction of our network

  • Creation of 20 year plan, depending on client’s needs and interests

  • Creation of a business plan:  budget, cost, income plan

  • Determine risk tolerance before asset allocation

  • Tailor-made advisory mandate 


Concierge Services
  • Source advisors for newcomers to Switzerland – tax, lawyers, accountants

  • Assist with moving, finding apartments, rental agreements

  • Organize courses 

  • General assistance with being in a new country

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