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Through our immense experience, our team seeks out unique investment opportunities for our clients to be added as a small allocation to a standard investment portfolio. For those investors who like to think out of the box, private equity and venture capital offer some competitive opportunities. We read, assess and evaluate investment deals from all over the world in private equity, venture capital, co-investments and funds. We perform due diligence at numerous levels and only offer our clients promising opportunities in which we would take a nostra position. 


Currently we are invested in or are looking at :

SeedIL Ventures

provides seed funding and supports early stage growth in the Israeli Start Up Ecosystem.

Dolder Corporate Finance 

is an independent Swiss Consulting Boutique that provides active result-oriented support to its clients.  

Mentha Partners

acts as a bridge between traditional finance and decentralized finance. It has a vision to front run the evolution to a blockchain based ecosystem.


is an IP commercialization company that builds successful start up companies by collaborating with inventors, universities and research institutes to identify high potential inventions and provide the commercial direction. Focus on Asia. 


a game changer in the world of private in-house care. Their technology platform enables carers and care guardians to find each other. Carecite will transform the self-funded care sector. 

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