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Who are we?

The founding partners of FAMOS are Katsura Suzuki and Mark Dangel.  Together they offer insight into the financial markets. FAMOS offers holistic and international solutions for both family and individual needs. Aside from financial advice, Katsura and Mark also help their clients with tax planning as well as with regulatory and compliance issues. Their aim is to help families preserve their wealth from generation to generation. 

Dr. Katsura Suzuki - Founding Partner

Based in Zurich for over 35 years, Katsura has had an expansive career as a global family office advisor as well as a member of a private banking support team. She began her career with Ernst & Young, where she headed the Japan desk for 20 years. During this time, she obtained her doctorate degree in business and administration. Subsequently Katsura has held leadership roles in several multi-family offices, covering advisory services for asset protection and tax matters in both Switzerland and Japan. In 2001 she founded the Care Team Japan in Switzerland and in 2010 the Forum for Family Offices in Japan.  In 2011 she published her first book for the Japanese market titled ‘Money Lessons for the Japanese – all about family offices’.  More recently she has published further books aiming to explain and bridge the divide between western and eastern thinking. With FAMOS Katsura uses her accumulated years of experience and knowledge to enhance the lives of others.

Mark Dangel - Founding Partner

Mark has been an asset manager in the financial industry for over 30 years. He has built up substantial experience working with HNW individuals and families. His company Dangel Asset Management, known as DAM, manages tailor-made portfolios on a discretionary basis and for this purpose he has also acquired a FINMA licence. The goal of DAM is to preserve capital and increase its value sustainably over the long term. Mark also uses his accumulated financial knowledge to assist families under the umbrella of FAMOS. Mark graduated from the University of St Gallen where he majored in Finance and Accounting. His innate entrepreneurial spirit led him to co-found a Swiss private bank as well as a merchant bank before he established DAM in 2005. Mark is also very active in Asia, he is the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Committee at the Swiss Asian Chamber of Commerce and sits on the board of two charities focusing on Sri Lanka ( and India ( . DAM is also in partnership with Q-Brands an algorithm-based fund, investing in global market leaders in the consumer, technology and healthcare sectors. 


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