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Family Office Set Up

Initial step: start up

  • support in setting up single family office management and advise on do's and dont's of SFO

  • introduction of our network and other places in the world of his interest

  • connect with interesting people who can mentor the client in different fields and topics

  • assist meetings as an advisor with a “2nd opinion role” with the client’s exisiting and new service advisors (Accounting firm, private and big banks, asset managers etc.)

  • once in a month meeting in Zurich, e.g. 10h per month

  • get to know family members

2nd step: planning of the content of SFO

  • brain storming of 'why a SFO in the first place?'

  • close an NDA of the information

  • create SFO 20y plan together, incl. why, how, what

  • create SFO budget, cost, income plan together

  • consider how to execute the plan

  • what are Famos’ skills and duties and how to involve in SFO

3rd step: education

  • short internship at an asset management company or a private bank

  • learn how to sail

  • read Warren Buffet letters and digest together

  • plan for CFA study

4th step: Asset Allocation

  • determine risk torrelance

  • target of asset allocation

  • get into MFO/SFO circle to network and exchange


  • draft tailor-made advisory agreement

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